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British Columbia, Canada

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These FAQs are answered as a general answer for everyone. For exact quote kindly fill up the form or email us with your requirement.
We are one stop solution for Farmers, wheather you are just starting the farming business or need service in your existing business, we are your guy.
Yes, we provide plants directly from our nursery. We grow different variety of plants that gives higher production to their peak level.
Cost depends on overall requirement and farm size, our promise to charge genuine amount and make win-win situation for both of us.
Yes, we do harvesting with machine and hand and make sure crops are cultivated at there premium time for best quality.
Yes, we are leading supplier and distributor of farm supplies. Please check our shop page for more into at agrigrow.ca/shop

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Maintenance costs include mowing, weeding, fertilizer, fungicide, insecticide, picking blueberries, pruning, mulching, and marketing. All these cost ends up in loss for single farmers to do it. Allow a experienced person of these field to show you how to grow even with all these expenses.
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