Mowing and Discing

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Our main focus has been to maximize the quality of the field and plant we grow for our clients and ultimately consumers. This led us to the individually checking health of every single plant we grow. We know that offering this as a custom service provides our customers with the best output because the analysis of our plant and performance of our services ares proven. With our latest farm combination machines we are fully equipped to tackle any sized job in sufficient time to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Maintance tips

In all the hustle and bustle of daily farm life, don’t forget your original farm plan. Revisiting your goals and even your resources (perhaps your soil is improved, or you now have more usable pasture) regularly will help ensure you’re staying on track

  • Make sure you disc at a time when you can seed immediately after
  • Different plant types like different types of fertilizer.

Urban gardening tips

Before you can break ground to prepare you new plot, you will need to prepare the area first.  Depending on how mature the native growth is on the area, you may want to mow first if it is any taller than knee height.