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Farming / Landscaping

Since 1994


British Columbia, Canada

Custom Farm Work
Our custom farm work service is a team is well trained agricultural staff who is committed to ensuring your farming is up to the highest standard. We work hard to make you earn profit. We stand behind our work for quality production
Our Services
Buy Farm Supplies
Buy Farm Supplies at lowest price and best in the market. We sell PWP Post that last long for more than 25 years guaranteed.
Our Services
Agricultural Service
For new or old farmers, service that you need on time will be provide in time at cost cutting rates.
Our Services

Field Preparation

We specialize in Field Preparation for Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and many more.

Custom Farm Work & Maintenance

Custom Farm Work we do is from growing seeds to cultivation, Our target is to improve the production and lower the cost

Buy Farm Supplies and Fence Post

PWP Post available at lowest price. Guarantee of long run and value added product. Pickup and delivery available.

Buy Farm Supplies at Lowest Price

Profitable Farming with Agri-Grow

Custom Farm Work

Agri-Grow is a Canadian owned custom farm development and supplies company that has been working with our clients for several years offering services that range in farm development, maintenance, crop harvesting and farm supplies. We provide services all over British Columbia and we ensure that our great experience and knowledge will satisfy all our clients. We are happy to assist in providing a free quote for your project, and ideas that will enhance your project. We strive to provide our clients with our exceptional and efficient services. We look forward to working with you!
At the End Results Matter

Why Choose Agri - Grow Farm Services

We specialize in complete farm management and custom farm work, looking after all your needs from land preparation, pruning through to harvesting. Our knowledgeable agricultural team can help you not only managing of your farm needs but improve your overall farm production.

Innovative Leader in a Competitive Marketplace

Use of Latest technology to speed up process and higher production

Dedicated team

Our Agri-Grow team are trained individual that knows what to do efficiently in minimum time and also work even in bad weather, no excuse

Solid Financial Success

Higher production, lower cost means more financial success

Latest Agri Machines

In-house latest machines for increase efficiency and improved overall man power

Get start With Improved Production

Agri-Grow has been operating in British columbia since 1994. We are trained full-range field custom work provider from seeds to delivery including Land Preparation, On-going Farming, Harvesting and Delivery.
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